You are possibly going to ask ...


Please note:  I went on hiatus for several months. 

I might, however, be available for certain artistic challenges which we can discuss.



 Are  you  travelling ?


I am Montréal based, and I am of course available for all shoots on the city-island.

If you want me to leave the Island of Montréal, I will gladly do this, provided that you are assuming all my travel expenses.

I am holding a valid Canadian Passport, and if you want this, I am also comfortable with ultra long-haul flights and climate shocks.




What  are  your  rates 


That depends first of all on the assignment and on your offer.

My rates are reasonable, and I consider modeling in the first line as a passion and not just a job. Please quote your offer

and then we will negotiate my cachet. I would gladly be ready to also work on a TF basis if the shoot is of any benefit for both of us.




Are  you  posing  nude ?


Yes, I do.  I like artistic nudes. My body is far from being perfect. Nevertheless, I love myself and I am very comfortable in my skin.

I am not hiding either that I am, with pride, a Hermaphrodite, born with sexual ambiguity.  

However, I am not offering nude shoots on a TF basis if we have not yet worked together.




Your  limits ?


I am available as an Art Nude Model, and if you want to hire me, we can talk frankly.  I am, however,

NOT available for any genital close-up, not even anonymously. NOT available either for any activity involving genitals,

neither alone nor with any other person. Please do not even ask. Thank you. A couples or groupe shoot, however, is fine. 




Any  health  restrictions ?


I am living with some permanent impairments which do not directly affect a shoot. All I need is your understanding

and one chair or something else to sit down and avoid unnecessary standing. As well, I need to recover between two sessions.

On the other hand, I am offering lots of flexibility when talking about time. 




And  your  hair ?


I suffered from an adverse reaction on prescription drugs which resulted in a 100% hair loss, some years ago.  

The re-growth is ill, too fine, and not suitable for any hair-styling. 

I am offering a minimum of two looks for a shoot, or whatever other hair you are choosing for your project.​

Connie Mazur, Photo Model, Art Model, mature, feminine, versatile, commercial, artistic, publicity, Montreal, Quebec, Canada




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