The  Moment  Before


I want to touch

the sharp taste

of the moment in between

the second just before

the place where

the breath catches in



It's the scent of heat held in the air

between two mouths

reaching for each other, hungry.

The shine of moisture on slightly parted lips

just before

it melts into

the wetness of the other.


It is the skin that tingles


fine hairs at attention



It is the places that have not yet been touched

but know they will be.

It is the smooth, quivering paleness

of the inner thigh

as the outer is stroked and kneaded.

The muscles of the abdomen tightening

the back arching slightly


come here




There, in that moment

do not take your eyes from mine.

I am here


I am


to be



Do not touch me and keep your soul

out of your fingertips.

Die into me

or do not come into me at all.

Ever after is in this moment

happily or not.


Sacrifice the daydream.

Dare to hold the desire

for a great love.


Be with me.


Oriah ©1995

© 2013 - 2021 Connie Mazur - tous droits réservés

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